Info Turistiche

About tours in Rome:

1) Vatican Museum

2) Galleria Borghese

It is the museum with the highest number of Caravaggio’s paintings in the world. It is inside villa borghese park. It’s close on monday and you have to book the tickets on line because there is a limited number of visitators every day.

3) Colosseum, Fori and Palatino Hill

It is better booking a tour with a guide otherwise could be quite difficult understand how it looked like and how it worked;

4) Rome council official website


5) Catacombs

the best ones are San Callisto & San Sebastiano. They are situate in: via Appia and i suggest also to have a walk and a lunch in via appia antica in the same day.


6) A very good tour operator where you can check some private, semi-private and groups tours is


7) Another very nice day outside the city’s center could be in Villa D’Este in Tivoli (30 minutes from Rome) or even Pompei (2 hours by train from Rome)


Other things to visit:

Castel Sant’angelo (it deserve to be visited inside)

Campo de fiori (nice area for dinner)

Piazza del popolo and the pincio terrace (the best view on the city)

Piazza del campidoglio

Palazzo quirinale

Trastevere (Nice area for lunch or dinner)

Ghetto (the jewis area) nice restaurants for dinner; it’s in front the Island on the opposite side of Trastevere; when you will be there visit the Teatro Marcello (the “half Colosseum”)

Piazza Navona

Piazza di pietra